Re-inventing the Alphabet

Will be allocated a number of other businesses. Besides Google’s new structure Alphabet stand two more. The first is the Nest – manufacturer of smart thermostats, which was acquired by Google in January 2014 to 3.2 billion. Dollars. Second another big subsidiary is Calico. This is a research lab specializing in biotechnology. Its specialty are new methods to combat the effects of aging in humans, as well as coping with the diseases associated with aging.

Alphabet structure includes the release of Google Fiber as an independent subsidiary. It is responsible for the construction of high-speed optical networks in different parts of the US where traditional telecoms do not offer fast access to the Internet. For a lot of Americans Google Fiber is the only option for fast connection to the global network.

Another unit, which is also established as a subsidiary’s Sidewalk Labs. This is the latest initiative in the portfolio of Google and thus to that of the Alphabet. For the subsidiary does not have much information, but it will focus on the development of elements of a smart urban infrastructure. For example, conversion of old telephone booths in fast Wi-Fi access points.

Famous for his crazy various projects Google X laboratory was also constituted in a subsidiary. This is the experimental unit of Internet giant, for a lot of development still does not have enough information. It includes autonomous car of Google, the idea of ​​using balloons and drones spraying wireless internet, smart spectacles Google Glass, project Wing (air supply in the city, probably with unmanned drones) and others.

Alphabet portfolio is complemented by two investment funds of Google – Ventures and Capital. The first is a venture incubator that provides initial funding of startups, and the second is for equity financing.